Mattress FAQs

Is the mattress made in New Zealand?

Yes, Napp is now manufactured in New Zealand. The specific high quality materials we selected for our Napp Mattress are made by Joyce Foam in Australia. The mattress is designed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders and was tested by New Zealanders.

Is it environmentally friendly?

The foams in the Napp Mattress are of the highest quality and created by a world leading process that produces no CFCs or Auxiliary Blowing Agents and virtually no VOCs. They have been awarded the Australian Good Environmental Choice Ecolabel.

What are the exact sizes?

The Single is 920 x 1880

The King Single is 1070 x 2030

The Double is 1380 x 1880

The Queen is 1530 x 2030

The King is 1680 x 2030

The Super King is 1830 x 2030

Depth of all is 255mm 

How do I know it is right for me?

We are very confident that the Napp Mattress is going to suit the vast majority of New Zealanders. In fact, we are very confident you will love it. To be confident in your choice, we offer a 100 Night Sleep-Easy Guarantee. Don’t like it and we will arrange to have the mattress picked up and give you a full refund. We do ask that you try it for at least 35 days as it may take a little while to adjust to.

If I want to return it?

Please contact us to inform that you would like to have it picked up. We will arrange to have our official charity, Habitat for Humanity, pick it up.

Does the Napp mattress have springs?

No. Spring mattresses have been around a long time, over that time, other technology such as memory and gel infused foams have improved markedly in terms of; support, comfort, longevity, reducing partner disturbance and effect on the environment.

How does the Napp mattress compare to the product from other Mattress in a Box companies?

Hard to say for sure. We know that we are 100% confident in the Napp mattress in terms of its design for New Zealanders and the manufacturing process. Is a mattress made in China just as good? We believe the design and materials aren’t as good as what we have put into the Napp mattress. Is it made as well…time will tell! We do know, that in testing of a number of mattresses using machinery designed to simulate ten years of use, the Napp mattress proved to be the most durable.

Is the Napp mattress good value?

Absolutely. Our design brief was to design an excellent mattress that ticks all the boxes and then get it to the New Zealand market at a great price. This has been achieved by removing the huge costs of bricks and mortar, sales commissions and expensive ‘sales’ advertising campaigns. In a Retail store, the Napp mattress would sit comfortably beside comparable memory foam mattresses that sell in the $2000 to $3000+ price bracket.

Napp with Electric Lifestyle Base?

Now available in all sizes. See the 'drop down menu' on the Lifestyle Base and Napp Mattress page. 

The Super King can be purchased two ways; With a Split Base and a one piece Super King Mattress - this combo has two motors and two remotes, they are synced to operate as one (you can choose to 'unsync' them at a later time) 

OR as a Super King with Two Mattresses - the units then operate separately. For this option, order Super King with split Napp Mattress